I was a big fan of LEGO's when I was young but I must admit I was not that great at putting the more intricate designs together or coming up with my own.  I was more into making planes and tanks a having a war.

There are some people who are good at creating things with Lego’s and then there are others who are off the charts good.  If you are interested in looking at the creations of people who are off the charts good with Lego’s then you have something to do this weekend.

If you want to travel to Ann Arbor this weekend you can go to Skyline High School and enjoy the Brick Bash.

This Saturday and Sunday, February 22nd and 23rd for $5 you will be able to create your own designs or check out others' really cool designs.  Saturday they will be open from 11  p.m.

MLive wrote an article about this event and in that article, the producer of the Brick Bash Duane Collicott said that you:

should expect to see anything made of LEGOs...I see Brick Bash as a way to give back to that legacy

If you end up going please let me know what it was like and if it was worth your time.

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