It’s hard to believe that Battle Creek’s Home Run Dog Park has been around for 7 years.   Oh, wait.  That’s “dog years.”   It’s only be one year in human years.   The park will celebrate one year this Saturday, August 22nd, 2020.


Michael Delaware, one of the main organizers, says they’ve got the event permit from the city, and hope the community will come out this Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

  • Buy t-shirts & sweatshirts to support the Dog Park!
  • Sponsors will have giveaways!
  • Special contests with awards & prizes for dogs!
  • Bring your dog and have fun!


Home Run Dog Park-TSM Photo
Home Run Dog Park-TSM Photo

Schedule of Dog Events:

10:00 am Tunnel Champs (Little Dogs)

Most Obedient (Big Dogs)

10:30 am Most Obedient (Little Dogs)

Tunnel Champs (Big Dogs)

11:00 am Agility Bars Champ (Big Dogs)

Silliest Dog (Little Dogs)

11:30 am Platform Bridge Climbing Champ (Big Dogs)

Silliest Dog (Big Dogs)

12:00 pm Across the Park Sprint Champ (Big Dogs)

Full Agility Course Champ (Little Dogs)

12:30 pm Full Agility Course Champ (Big Dogs)

1:15 pm    Ball Chase & Return Champ (Big Dogs)

Note: Little dogs are defined as being 25 pounds and under.  These events will be held in the little dog area only.  Ribbons will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each event.   The “Across the Park Sprint” will also have a special “Last Place” ribbon.  All dogs must have a dog license to participate per the Home Run Dog Park rules.

Sponsors for the 1st Anniversary Celebration of the Home Run Dog Park are:

  • Pet Supplies Plus
  • Honor Credit Union
  • Eurofins Microbiology Laboratory
  • Redbow Photography
  • Kellogg Community Credit Union
  • Pennfield Animal Hospital
  • The Friends of Calhoun County Dog Parks Committee
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