If you look around a little bit, you'll see a lot of empty boxes piled outside this time of year.  They have big letters on them like "SAMSUNG", "DELL", and "APPLE".   What they amount to, says Battle Creek Police Sgt. Chris Rabbit is a billboard to criminals that says "New expensive stuff here." 

Sgt. Rabbit was a guest on Friday's 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.  He reminded the listening audience that criminals will usually talk the path of least resistance, and look for the fastest and easiest haul when contemplating a break-in.

"It's really important that folks take the time to take the boxes of high dollar items with brand names on them, break them down, cut them up, turn them inside-out, and wait until the morning of the recycling pick-up to put them out on the curb."  He says even a shoe box from a pair of Jordans could motivate a thief to take criminal action.

Sgt. Rabbit also reminds travelers and New Years Eve revelers to try and make it look like you're home by setting a light timer, and maybe leaving that new TV on if you go away on New Years Eve.  Turn on the radio.  Make sure your outside security lighting is working properly.  Draw curtains so thieves can't easily see inside.

"They're looking for low-risk targets and what they need to work the least for.  If they wanted to work, they wouldn't be criminals.  They'd be out working a 9 to 5 with us."

BCPD Sgt. Chris Rabbitt (TSM/Battle Creek)
BCPD Sgt. Chris Rabbitt (TSM/Battle Creek)


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