A YouTube detective who has been on the case for months concludes the King of Rock & Roll did, indeed, fake his own death and is living among us in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

"I've spent hundreds of dollars, I've hired a private investigator, I went out on my own, searching..." Since November 2018 when he first proposed Elvis Presley is alive and well in Kalamazoo, we have been following the work of YouTube video amateur sleuth "stop eating animals."  He offered a brief update just after Christmas but we've heard nothing more, until now.

The erstwhile gumshoe has put in some time on the case, working sources like past Kalamazoo city council members, a former sheriff and other cronies of the King, and concludes, "Number one:  Elvis did not die." Animals cites unnamed reports that Presley spent time in South America before settling in Southwest Michigan, using the name John Burrows as an alias to let his fans know that he was still alive. for a time, he moved about the Mall city like any ordinary mortal, (shopping, dining out- even investing in a hotel!) until he began to be recognized, then went back underground.

Find out more on the bizarre revelations of the investigation and the time Wayne Newton and Gloria Estefan came to Kalamazoo to visit the King in the video below.

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