Territorial Brewing, Located in Springfield, is the only Brew Pub close to Battle Creek. They recently moved the brewing operation out of the restaurant and we got an exclusive look inside.

Territorial produces mostly lager beers, which take much longer to ferment than ales. This limits the overall volume of beer Territorial can produce in a given time.

First, they are not closing or moving the restaurant located on Helmer Rd. The Kitchen was so small that they were tripping over each other as the cooks cooked and the brewers brewed.

 “In fact, it got so bad that we resorted to only brewing beer at night, when the kitchen was closed. This new location will allow us to brew beer on a more consistent schedule and keep up with demand.”

Tim Davis, Owner, and head of Brewing operations told me in an exclusive tour of the operation. "We really needed some room to work and grow"' Tim said as we walked through the new brewhouse. "We wanted a place to grow and still maintain loyalty to our community and patrons who have stood by us. We have struggled to brew enough beer and keep up with demand since first opening in November of 2014, and this new location will allow us to keep up with demand while staying true to the beers we love to make”

 “As Battle Creek’s only brewery, we want to help make Battle Creek and Springfield a fun, vibrant community and a destination for visitors near and far."

I was really hoping to see the new facility in operation but with one employee out sick, it was better not to risk it with just one person. Here is a video and the interview I got with Tim.

Also, I had the Olive Burger and I highly recommend it.

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