Lately if you've driven around Kalamazoo, you've most likely by now noticed all of the billboards with the close up of someone's eyes. That's it, just their eye region of their face. These billboards have been seen all over Southwest Michigan, including in Battle Creek. I have zero clue what they could be for. One friend told me they could be filler while the billboard doesn't have an advertisement, but that seems like a lot of work for nothing.

There's currently a reddit feed and someone made a very interesting assessment of the billboards, offering a strange but not totally outlandish suggestion:

I noticed this last night above Old Peninsula and was going to make a similar post. There have been a few studies on the subject that make me wonder if we are being psychologically tested. You see a manager noticed that if you put eyes on the wall near a donation box it would increase the honesty of the patrons. I wonder if someone is trying to get you guys to drive better lol.

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Another commenter had the same idea one of my friends had for it:

If I had to guess it’s probably the billboard company (Adams) advertising for their services.

It does seem like a good way for people to call and ask what they're about, only to have Adams say something along the lines of, "oh it's nothing...hey, wanna advertise?" I'm gonna key my eyes out (see what I did there?) for more as they continue to pop up.

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