Water Distribution crews will be flushing fire hydrants in some areas of Battle Creek late Thursday evening. Areas affected include Fremont St. to Orchard Ave. and Sherman Rd. to Capital Ave. NE beginning at 10:00pm October 18th. The work is aimed to address a water service issue in this area. The overnight schedule is used to minimize the inconvenience to customers and also to allow the water to stabilize in the water mains before the normal daily water demand begins.

The flushing process often results in cloudy or discolored water. Crews do what they can to limit this, and the safety of the water is not diminished by this process. Residents in this area should observe water quality while doing laundry, or other tasks that require rust-free water. Discolored or rusty water may be present in the area being flushed, as well as in adjacent areas. If you should encounter discolored water, it's recommended to run water at cold taps within your home or business. This is best done by running cold water in the bathtub first.  Once water runs clear at the bathtub, the remaining faucets in the home can be flushed.

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