Mrs. Jennifer Horton, and her students from Tomek Eastern Elementary School in Fenton had a very special guest join them recently via Zoom.

The 23 first graders logged onto Zoom last week and were greeted by none other than First Lady Melania Trump, In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week and the second anniversary of the First Lady’s BE BEST initiative, Mrs. Trump joined a Zoom call with the class.

During her chat with the students,The First Lady discussed the importance of kindness and compassion with the students, values of their SEL curriculum and Be Best. She also talked with the students on how they can apply these ideals while at home. Each of the children had a chance to talk to the First Lady and share with her how they had shown kindness over the past few weeks.

According to reports, Horton was able to offer the special moment to her students through contacting a 2008 graduate from Fenton High School, Catharine Cypher, who happens to now work in the White House. Cypher works as special assistant to the president and director of media affairs for the First Lady.

During the call Horton herself was able to share with the First Lady how she as a teacher was keeping education creative during such an interesting time. She mentioned weekly dress-up themes with special mystery guests as well as sharing stories of their favorite activities while at home with their families.

After the very special call, the First Lady gave (by way of Horton)  each of the students a special gift bag filled with items from her Be Best initiative. The bags included things like a puzzle, pencil, pen, folder, along with a soccer ball. The bags also included a letter to each student from Melania Trump.

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