On the same day Governor Whitmer paid a visit to Michigan National Guard Members in DC, Governor Whitmer has also ordered the lowering of Michigan and United States flags to half-staff on Saturday, March 6th. Flags will be lowered to honor the life and service of Lieutenant General Vernon Andrews, the former Michigan National Guard adjutant general.

“Our state owes a debt of gratitude to Lieutenant General Andrews for his decades of leadership in the Michigan National Guard,” Governor Whitmer said. “By lowering the flags for Lieutenant General Andrews, we recognize and honor his 32 years of military service and commitment to protecting our great state. My thoughts are with his family and friends as they lay him to rest.”

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Vernon J. Andrews was born in Sturgis, Michigan in 1929. He held a bachelor’s degree in pre-law and a master's degree in history and political science from Michigan State University. He later attended the University of Michigan Law School, earning a Juris Doctorate degree in 1956.

In 1953, Andrews graduated from the Reserve Officer Training Course and was appointed as a second lieutenant. He served in the U.S. Army Reserve until 1958 when he joined the Michigan Army National Guard. While in the Michigan National Guard, Andrews rose through the ranks to Brigadier General.

Andrews was appointed as Adjutant General of the Michigan National Guard and Director of the Michigan Department of Military Affairs by Governor James Blanchard in 1983 Culminating his eight years of service as Adjutant General, Andrews was promoted to Lieutenant General (MI) in December 1990. He completed more than 32 years of military service on February 2, 1991, earning countless decorations and awards throughout his service to the state and nation.

Andrews passed away on Thursday, February 25, 2021, at the age of 91 years old.

On Friday, Governor Whitmer traveled to visit with members of the Michigan National Guard as they near the end of their deployment. According to a press release from Michigan.gov, Whitmer met with service members during their lunch break to thank them for their service and acknowledge their tremendous services. Recently, Michigan contributed 1,000 National Guard members to assist with the ongoing Capitol security efforts. This deployment will run until March 12, 2021.

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