The Galesburg Meat Company is celebrating with a grand opening, after a fire in June of 2016 destroyed the original structure. In the months that followed the blaze, the business operated out of an adjoining building with the catering services moving to a nearby vacant business that once housed a bakery.

The new structure still resides at 58 Mill Street and now offers an expanded retail space, a large cutting room, coolers and an on-site smoker.

The Galesburg Meat Company is known for offering locally produced meats and such specialties as oxtails and large ham hocks. Smoked bacon and jerky are also favorites and are produced in the new smoking room. Delivery is also available, for the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek area, for orders $50 and up with a $10 delivery charge.

The grand opening takes place Friday and Saturday, with pulled pork sandwiches, smoked jerky and the award winning bacon being served.

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