Terrible news this afternoon in Burton. A Genesee County deputy and a Burton police officer were shot this afternoon in Burton. At the time I am writing this, both are said to be in critical condition.

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According to ABC 12, the officer and deputy involved were responding to a call involving gunshots in the area of Saginaw Street and Bristol Road in Burton. Reports indicate the male suspect involved took off on foot once the officer and deputy arrived on the scene.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton told ABC 12 the suspect attempted to climb a fence, but the fence fell on him. That is when the suspect opened fire. Both the Genesee County sheriff deputy and the Burton police officer then returned fire. The suspect has since been declared dead.

My heart goes out to the deputy and the police officer and of course their immediate friends and families. I will keep you posted as more information is made available. My love and respect to the men and women who protect us daily, you are appreciated.

As with any tragedy, I see a lot of speculation on social media regarding this matter. Please remember to be respectful to the officer and deputy involved, as well as their families.

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