I got PTSD in the year 2000 from an accident. After I was paralyzed by suicidal thoughts, I sought help. I am currently seeking help from Dr. Pamella Montgomery for the PTSD treatment EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

I started doing this after it was recommended to me by Deb Hart. Honestly, we haven't gotten all the way through it or even to the lights yet but I came into this year a depressed mess. Now, wow. I have found a calling and am running to help others.

I am very aware the typical end for people with PTSD is suicide. I love life and don't want to kill myself. Some substances add to this depression and impair your lust for life. Just knowing that is pretty powerful. I don't want to die. I really want to live. I want our Veterans to live too.

So does Dr. Pamella. She is sick of the inaction and doing something about it. She has started Operation Long Journey Home. The program is for active duty soldiers and their FAMILIES. Also Veterans and private duty militia, plus their spouses and children.

This involves treatment for PTSD, talk therapy, yoga... Whatever works to help the situation. Deb Hart will be instructing the yoga.

Some of these soldiers haven't seen their children for a year at a time. Parents may be complete strangers to their own children. Plus, these people are trained to fight as a unit. They are not trained to re-enter society after the horrors they endured. Even driving down the road after witnessing IED horror is extremely traumatic.

Eventually, you feel broken and numb and see only one way out. There is more than one way out and the trauma has been a gift to me. I have accomplished more with my life with the PTSD than I ever did before. I believe it's a Super Power if you can learn to control it. At least, get help to keep the PTSD from making you disabled.

Dr. Pamella wants to help save lives and so does Deb. They are trained for this but need help. In order to make it so, the soldiers and vets don't have to use insurance for this, they are seeking grants and donations. She has a team ready to help. Let's help her.

Dr Pamella

She is currently accepting donations from people like us. Also an account is being created to assist the cause. I will get the info here once I have it. It's a project in motion.


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