The Kallman Legal Group sent out a press release along with their complaint and Demand Letter.  In that press release they stated:

Parents in Oakland County, Michigan, on behalf of themselves and their children, have filed a lawsuit against the Oakland County Health Department and three school districts in Oakland County. The lawsuit requests that the court declare the mask mandate order issued by Leigh-Anne Stafford (Order 2021-01), in her capacity as the Health Officer for Oakland County, violates state law and constitutional protections, that the order be rescinded, and an injunction issued barring any similar orders in the future. Despite a demand letter sent to the Defendants requesting the mask order be rescinded and not enforced, Defendants declined to comply with the law.

I asked their Senior Legal Counsel David Kallman how this case may be different from the others filed in Michigan.  He pointed to state law Senate Bill 82-2021 section 250 which states:

The director or a local health officer shall not issue or enforce any orders or other directives that require an individual in this state who is under the age of 18 to wear a face mask or face covering.

David then stated that:

the mask order does allow for secular exemption from wearing a mask but denies a religious accommodation. This violates the Constitution.

Their press release went on to state the three school districts are Huron Valley, Waterford, and Troy. We find out that these schools have actually “threatened various disciplinary actions against the Plaintiff children if they fail to comply with the mask mandate order”.

David A. Kallman stated:

It is a shame we must request that the court uphold our clients’ legal rights. This is an improper attempt to mandate daily mask wearing that even the CDC acknowledges has little efficacy. Defendants have no legal authority to issue or enforce the mask order. The order clearly violates our clients’ rights pursuant to state law and the Constitution.

Learn more about this case today on my radio show.  I will be interviewing David Kallman at the beginning of the second hour of my show.  If you cannot listen to it live please listen to my podcast of that interview.

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