According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the average price of ground beef has hit another record high of $4.10 per pound in the U.S.  That is an increase of 2.1% in one month.

Did your pay go up 2.1% in one month?

Did your pay go up 17% in the last year?  That is the average increase for the price of ground beef.

This is an obvious economic problem going on here: prices of everything are rising — in fact, many are hitting record highs but our pay is not rising.


What are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue to elect politicians that have not been able to reverse this trend?

Do you think it may be their policies at least in some measure?

Could it be the fact that we have been creating trillions of dollars over the last six years (Quantitative Easing) that is causing this high inflation of certain goods?

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