In a year of "firsts" Halloween 2020 provides yet another as this will be the first blue moon on Halloween night that will be visible in all time zones since 1944.

You have probably seen the news all around about why this year's Halloween Blue Moon is especially magical, we wrote a post breaking it all down too!

Now, as we mentioned, Halloween 1944 was also a more unique one as the world was at war fighting against Nazi Germany. That meant, not only was the vibe that year all-around spooky, but the rare full moon really sealed the deal.

People had to get creative with their costumes, their gatherings, etc...due to all of their expendable resources going to the war effort.

We can assume, much like here in 2020, people were a little lost on how to celebrate and if it was appropriate to do so but still tried to keep what we now call the "spooky spirit" alive.

Radio shows aired their Halloween specials, like this one including a "master" of horror, Orson Wells:

Here is a look into what other things were happening on Halloween in 1944:

Halloween 1944

As you gaze at the beautiful blue moon this Halloween, let us relish in just how special it is but also remember how far we have come since the last time it happened.

While this year has truly been a dumpster fire and may feel like we have been fighting a lot of nonstop battles this year, we can be thankful the entire world is not at war this time and instead can all get a good look at this lunar phenomenon.

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