Having been born and raised in west Michigan, my question is this: How did I not know there was an entire World War II submarine just floating around in Muskegon? Not only that, you're able to rent and sleep aboard the vessel!

Located just west of downtown along the Muskegon Lake Channel is the USS Silversides Submarine Museum. Did you realize such a place existed in west Michigan?

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History of USS Silversides

Named after the silverside, a small fish with silver stripes along its sides, the USS Silversides is a Gato-class submarine used by the U. S. Navy. This specific type of submarine was the first of its kind to be mass-produced for World War II. According to Wikipedia,

Gatos and their successors formed the core of the submarine service that was largely responsible for the destruction of the Japanese merchant marine and a large portion of the Imperial Japanese Navy

The USS Silversides was launched in August of 1941 and commissioned by the U.S. Navy in December of that same year. Credited with sinking 23 ships, Silversides received a total of 12 battle stars for her service.

Fun fact: tour guide Scott Hardin says the USS Silversides is the most successful surviving submarine that exists today. How cool that this is practically in our own backyard!

Overnight Encampment

Groups are invited to explore the vessel overnight and sleep in the berths of the USS Silversides-- the very same place where our brave men in uniform slept! Available to anyone over 5 years of age, Silversides can accommodate up to 72 overnight guests. What an unforgettable scout camp, company team building, or better yet accommodations for your wedding guests! Details on overnight stays here.

More to the Museum

In addition to the submarine the museum also has a vessel from the prohibition era, the U.S. Coast Guard's Cutter McLane, and a two-story facility available to tour which brings the story of World War II to life.

Could you sleep overnight in a WWII submarine?

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