Open enrollment for health insurance plans begins Sunday the 1st. But you’re able to take a look at the health insurance plan options, and rates that will be available right now. The information is now online at You can look things over and get an idea of estimated premium tax credits and some other potential savings. You are not required to log in to see the information, nor do you need to create an account or complete an application.

The state is reporting that average rates for 2021 that have been approved by the state Department of Insurance and Financial Services are a bit higher than last year. But the increase is just over 1%. A media release from the office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer claims Michigan has, “…lower average premium rates than most states.”  And there are nine insurance companies offering plans in Michigan. That puts Michigan in the top 5 states when it comes to industry participation in the Marketplace.

The time frame for the upcoming open enrollment period starts this Sunday, November 1st (2020), and runs through December 15 (2020. Commenting on the current Marketplace situation, Governor Whitmer says, “Open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace is an important opportunity for Michiganders to access quality, affordable health insurance to help keep their family safe and healthy. Signing up for health insurance may seem overwhelming, but no-cost assistance is available to help you find a plan that fits your individual needs. Your family’s health has never been more important and financial help can make coverage available at little or no cost.”

If you need help navigating the system, you can call the Marketplace Call Center at  800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325). You also have the option to talk with a state insurance specialist at the Department of Insurance and Financial Services on weekdays from 8-5 by calling 877-999-6442 or email;

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