As we get older, it’s normal to experience vision and hearing loss.  But often, we don’t notice, because it comes on slowly, and we learn to just deal with it.   But we’re learning that vision and hearing loss can accelerate the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Johns Hopkins website published a recent article on the subject.

“Brain scans show us that hearing loss may contribute to a faster rate of atrophy in the brain,” Lin says. “Hearing loss also contributes to social isolation. You may not want to be with people as much, and when you are you may not engage in conversation as much. These factors may contribute to dementia.”

And it’s no surprise that they find that hearing and vision loss leads to more accidents too.

“As you walk, your ears pick up subtle cues that help with balance. Hearing loss mutes these important signals, Lin notes. “It also makes your brain work harder just to process sound. This subconscious multitasking may interfere with some of the mental processing needed to walk safely.”

Helen Guzzo, Manager, Calhoun County Senior Services was a guest on Miles for Memory Moment on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.

Guzzo talked about county assistance, through the Calhoun County Senior Millage.  “Senior Millage funds CareWell Services to provide seniors, without the financial means otherwise, to get hearing testing and aids through Battle Creek Hearing.  Oaklawn Audiology is also explaining its services beyond Marshall to Albion at the Cram Health Care Building.  Albion Health Care Alliance is also expanding to establish vision services in Albion at the Cram Building.   Senior Millage is partnering with the Battle Creek Community Foundation to purchase eye care equipment to have a private optician start providing local service where none was available previously in Albion.”

Here’s a chart that can help you see if you qualify for help.

Tim Collins
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