Donald Trump may get the lion's share of the press for his antics, but let's not overlook Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, who's inching toward the Democratic presidential nomination, starred in a recently-unearthed 1995 video in which she lampoons Forrest Gump, the highest-grossing film of 1994. Made when she was the first lady, it's pretty weird, no matter what your political beliefs are. It's laced with bad jokes, questionable acting and a few wigs.

There's also a humorous line about how she started to believe that any "nutcase Republican could beat any Democrat." In a year where Trump has so divided party lines, that comment stands out.

The clip then ends with an appearance by then-President Bill Clinton, helping the faux Forrtest pick out some chocolates.

Of course, there are those naysayers who may feel that if Clinton was going to parody a movie from 1994 that was popular, she may have been better served trying Dumb and Dumber, Clear and Present Danger or True Lies.