95.3 WBCK bought a Nissan Rogue from Jim DeMaagd a few weeks back, and I love driving it.  It sure beats the heck out of the big ol’ WBCK Van.   Don’t get me wrong, the van had its day.  It’s a good old reliable Ford Econoline, and it got us through many a Roofsit, Parade and Cereal Festival.   It was great for hauling around stuff too.   But its 18 years old, didn’t get very good mileage,  and was a real bear to parallel park!

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

So, the old van is being retired, and will make a great work vehicle for somebody in the business community.   It’s a little rusty, but in great running shape.

Once we got the Rogue from Jim DeMaagd, we reached out to “Wrap’s and Signs.”  As you can see, Rich and Macal DeNeve have done it again!   I’ve been working with their designer, Jeremy, for the past few weeks and I think it’s pretty cool.  I wanted a design that reflects 95.3 WBCK’s commitment to being about the Battle Creek and Calhoun County community.   Armed with my trusty iPhone, I took some photos around town, and Jeremy, Rich and Macal and the crew did the rest.

What do you think of it?




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