You are too.  Admit it.  You didn't get any sleep last night with the storms and all.

And you're grumpy.  Or, at least you will be.  Don't even try to deny it.

If it wasn't the crashing and flashing, it was the dog who was frightened to the point of vomiting.  The constant text alerts going off on your phone.  Or, it was the five-year-old who was now scared, and couldn't POSSIBLY go to back to her OWN bed, but INSISTED on sleeping with YOU.  For any one of those reasons, you either didn't ever GET to sleep, or couldn't get BACK to sleep.  A nation looks to me for answers to this dilemma.

I answer saying verily, that we should all be allowed to BE grumpy today, and get over it.  An absolution as it were.  A  blanket forgiveness extended to all owing to the overall lack of sleep from last night's storms.

We really have been lucky this season.  We've dodged the truly intense storms.  Not at all like Memorial Day a few years back.  Our community still bears some scars from that one. Frankly, and somewhat selfishly, I'm SOOOOO very glad this storm didn't hit during Roof Sit.  Seems we have a nasty habit of attracting severe weather about that time every year.

I just had a thought.  (A rare occurrence, I know.  Smart ass.)   But, given that we're all a bit on the testy side, why don't we all just bag this day?  Go home.  Have a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, maybe some chips and an ice tea.  Then, what about a nap?   A nap is ALWAYS a good thing, right?   Who's with me??!!

That is SUCH a good idea that I'm-----

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