I'm not a big fan of Michigan Winters, except for those first three weeks of December.

Bird Feeder Snow Gage
Tim Collins/TSM Photo

Once I remember how to drive in the stuff (and it usually takes about 15 minutes), I really look forward to the fluffy, white snow.  As you can see, the view from our giant picture window is really great.   My wife, Debbie keeps the bird feeders full.  One of these days, I'll get a picture of her going out there in her boots and bathrobe with buckets of bird seed.   We call our picture window "Cat TV", but it's popular with dogs and people too.  I love to see the woodpeckers and cardinals with their bright red against the white backdrop.  And I love to watch the mourning doves puff out their feathers to keep warm.  And it's always nice to see the big smiles on the faces of the folks at the Farm Bureau or Oerther's, as I spend half a week's pay on black sunflower seeds and suet.

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