Many people look forward to Thanksgiving every year. Others, not so much.

Whether it's due to the problematic origins of the American holiday or the possibility of unwelcome family drama at the dinner table, there are lots of people who might prefer to skip the annual November holiday altogether.

Some, however, just aren't fans of the spread.

The Vacationer, in partnership with SurveyMonkey, surveyed over 1,000 people over the age of 18 to discover the most hated Thanksgiving dinner foods of 2023.

Cranberry sauce — whether jellied or whole, homemade or canned — topped the list; it was the most disliked Thanksgiving food for nearly one-third of people surveyed in the poll.

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Meanwhile, turkey, an iconic staple of Thanksgiving dinner, was ranked as the fourth most-hated food, with 27.74 percent of people surveyed saying they just don't like the bird, no matter if its roasted, deep-fried or smoked.

Other heavily disliked Thanksgiving foods include stuffing, ham, yams, coleslaw and even pumpkin pie.

As for the least-hated Thanksgiving dish? That would be corn!

See the full list of the most hated Thanksgiving foods, below:

  • Cranberry Sauce — 31.49%
  • Sweet Potatoes or Yams — 29.22%
  • Green Bean Casserole — 28.04%
  • Turkey — 27.74%
  • Stuffing/Dressing — 26.75%
  • Ham — 25.57%
  • Coleslaw — 25.57%
  • Pumpkin Pie — 24.28%
  • Mashed Potatoes — 18.66%
  • Macaroni and Cheese — 17.47%
  • Carrots — 16.98%
  • Apple Pie — 16.29%
  • Corn — 15.50%

Notably, 13.82 percent of people surveyed said they enjoy all the dishes on their Thanksgiving dinner table. (Justice for cranberry sauce!)

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