Regardless of how long you've lived in the great state of Michigan, there are bound to be a few sights you've yet to see.

In terms of natural sights, Michigan has a lot to offer. But, which ones are the most beautiful? You can do a Google search, sure, or turn to the locals instead. In the Facebook group, A Michigan Thing, an account named Beauty on Earth recently posed the question,

Where do you think is the most beautiful place in Michigan that you’ve visited?

With over 200 answers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are at least 8 that, perhaps, are a bit hidden or unknown:

1. Log Slide Overlook 

Suggested by Sue B., this particular spot is located at Pictured Rocks. As the name suggests, the dune was once used to slide logs from the top of the dune down to the lake's shore so they could be loaded onto boats. Today, it serves as a gorgeous spot to look out over Lake Superior. Read more about its history and how to find it here.

2. The Cross in the Woods 

Via/ Youtube
Via/ Youtube

Located in Indian River, MI, The Cross in the Woods is actually the world's largest crucifix. It sits in a park that acts as a Catholic shrine. Within the park, you'll find places to pray, other religious statues, and more. According to Matthew L., this is one of the most beautiful places in Michigan. Check out a virtual tour below:

3. Harbor Springs 

Thomas P. says the entire town of Harbor Springs is the most beautiful, "no contest." The city sits on the shore of Little Traverse Bay so, of course, the views are stunning. Learn about attractions and things to do in Harbor Springs on their website.

4. Tunnel of Trees

While this technically isn't one spot, it is known as being absolutely gorgeous. Denise R. recommends visiting the tunnel of trees in the Fall for the most beautiful view. The tunnel stretches along a section of the northwest part of Michigan and, quite literally, is the definitely of taking the scenic route. Learn more about the tunnel of trees here.

5. Hidden Lake Gardens 

Suggested by Louisee S., Hidden Lake Gardens is located in Tipton and run by Michigan State University. There is an entry fee of $5 but, the area offers 12 miles of hiking trails through hundreds of acres of plant life. See all of their attractions, a trail map, and more here.

6. Fish Town 

Located in Leland, this spot was suggested by Courtney M. The town is filled with historic fishing shanties, restaurants, views of the water, and excursions to the nearby Manitou Islands which, I'm sure, are also stunning. Learn more about the historic Fish Town here.

7. Holland State Park

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

I'm throwing in my own suggestion. Holland itself has a ton of breweries, great restaurants, and an adorable downtown area. But, I was most impressed with Holland State Park. The beach is huge and the park includes camping grounds, a lighthouse, a pier, and a little shack selling food and drinks. Read more about the park here.

8. Silver Lake 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Sheri G. commented, "Silver Lake." Silver lake is a popular destination for those who love traversing over sand dunes via car or other motorized vehicles. And, judging by Google maps, they have plenty of space to do so:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

The area has nearly 2,000 acres of sand dunes and plenty of attractions for the casual beach-goer, too. Learn more here.

Of course, areas like Sleeping Bear Dunes, Tahquemenon Falls, and the Porcupine Mountains were also suggested. But, overall, the general census in the comments was - anywhere you go in Michigan, you're bound to find a beautiful area.

You can see all of the suggestions here.

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