Self-described as Michigan's Smallest Bar, this tiny addition to the Muskegon area should start serving drinks next week.

An extension of The People's Cider Co., this three-seat bar is located in Muskegon's Chalet business district, as reported by

Now, I don't know who's going around the state of Michigan with a measuring tape to determine the exact square footage of each bar but, judging by this video, this place really could be Michigan's smallest bar:

Are They Open?

Yes. In fact, they've been operating since June. However, they weren't able to obtain a liquor license immediately. They've been selling slushies and other non-alcoholic drinks to maintain business.

Thankfully, it sounds like they've finally obtained their liquor license and will officially start serving drinks within the next week or two.

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The bar has a total capacity of 7 people but, will serve drinks to-go.

About The Peoples Cider Co.

Specializing in cider, The Peoples Cider Co. was created by Jason Lummen who first began pressing apples for cider in 2002. In fact, his first 50-gallon fermenter was kept in the kitchen of his one-bedroom apartment that he shared with his wife.

Finding success with his batches of cider, The Peoples Cider Co. was born in 2011. You can find their main location in Grand Rapids.

Read more about The Peoples Cider Co.'s story here. You can also find them on Facebook.

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