Why can't we just have one week to start the year where the weather isn't acting like the Tasmanian Devil? There's a group on Facebook called BAM Weather that is saying that Kalamazoo is at threat to get hit by a tornado this Friday, March 31st. Seriously? First of all who the heck is BAM Weather? According to their page, they're "Private & commercial weather consulting specialists," who "Also offer to forecast for any outdoor event! Long-range experts!

I've never heard of this group or know of their prediction success rate, but they're saying Kalamazoo is under threat for severe weather, while other states are at an even higher risk which may include tornados. We knew Kalamazoo was under threat of a storm, but when you start putting the threat of a tornado near Kalamazoo in March, we start to raise eyebrows:

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Severe Weather Threats on Friday! Preliminary indications suggest the *highest* threat for severe weather, including tornadoes, will be across parts of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas on Friday afternoon and evening. However, a severe weather threat does extend east into Indiana as well. Be sure to check back in for updates as we get closer.

Michigan Tornados In March

Going back to 1950, there are only two months of the year when a tornado has not touched down, and as expected those are in December and January, however, since that year there have only been 8 tornados to touch down in March, making the likely hood we even get hit with one this storm very unlikely. Specifically, since we aren't in the SEVERE THREAT zone, a safe bet would be don't worry about us having one.

All that being said, we do have to remind you we live in Michigan and just about everything is off the table when it comes to weather. So keep an eye on our local news and meteorologists for storm updates.

Tornadoes in Michigan, Early 1900s

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