AUTHOR'S NOTE: We contacted the Otsego Party Store with this information and asked for any comment regarding the situation. As of January 31st, the message was seen but there has been no response. There is no proof the store has been purposefully scamming customers, as these claims are being made by customers, and not this or any other Townsquare Media station.

There seems to be a heavy accusation being made against the Otsego Party Store located at 629 S Farmer St. in Otsego, MI, that cashiers are scamming people out of their lottery tickets. Many Otsego residents have alleged that they're either pocketing winning tickets or attempting to withhold them, as a recent post claimed:

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<em>I scanned every ticket in the app and wrote them all down in a piece of paper just in case. Good thing I did because they took my tickets and tried to tell me I only had $76 worth!!! I told them “No, it is $106” I told them that I scanned every ticket and wrote them all down and brought the piece of paper out. I took all their little instant receipts and compared to my paper and learned they were missing a $20 &amp; a $10!! The other person working says I will rescan and acted like he was redoing the scans. Then says oh these two were stuck together! Mind you the $20 was a big $10 ticket. <br />-</em><span class="x193iq5w xeuugli x13faqbe x1vvkbs x1xmvt09 x6prxxf xvq8zen xo1l8bm xi81zsa"><span class="xt0psk2">Kim S.</span> </span>

More Claims

It wasn't just Kim who claimed this happened to, as another customer claims a potentially massive jackpot may have been stolen from them, as they contend:

My husband handed in his lottery ticket for the mega millions. The lady cashier said no winner and hurried to throw it away. It was suspicious, bc when he scanned it, it had said… see retailer. Two weeks later they had a (someone won the million dollars here) We often wonder if it was our ticket that won and she scammed us!- Ashley R.
You can read the full thread below:

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