Ric & Stan's is a staple of Southwest Michigan, having multiple locations throughout Kalamazoo and in Allegan, Plainwell, Portage and Otsego. A true local carwash to the area, they're not taking too kindly to a certain un-named car wash company that has opened multiple locations in Kalamazoo.

They recently took to a billboard to call out the company by throwing shade at not only the size of their car wash but the fact that more and more of them are popping up in an area that has multiple locally-owned car wash companies:

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Alaina Schuld Used w/ Permission
Alaina Schuld Used w/ Permission

A brand new car wash that is appropriately sized and locally owned. It's. About. Time.


Who Are Ric & Stan's Car Wash?

As their website mentions, they've been locally owned for many years in Kalamazoo and have maintained a focus on just car washes:

While a lot of carwashes offer and do multiple things, such as oil changes, detailing, and the ever-popular “gas station carwash” we’ve kept our sole focus all these years (since 1983 to be exact!) on one thing, and one thing only….washing cars! This allows us to dedicate all of our focus and pay meticulous attention to every facet of the process. Whether it’s timing the revolutions of every brush with a stopwatch to get them exactly where we want them, measuring and titrating the PH levels of all the chemicals to achieve the desired alkaline and acidity levels, or testing our own vehicle 50 to 60 times in a row until something is dialed in just right.

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