There are so many urban legends and mysterious things that happen in the state of Michigan that sometimes I think people get a little bit bored and start coming up with new things to obsess about. The latest obsession comes from a story from late in April at the Saint Joseph County Fairgrounds, where a fire unfortunately burned one of the barns on the premises.

It just so happened that there are many Barnes on the premises and the one that was burned was bar number 42. There’s always been a strange ethos around the number 42 even leading to a film with Jim Carrey. Michigan wasted no time in thinking that there was some kind of conspiracy plot leading to the burning of Barn 42.

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There have been some amazing and hilarious comments that originated on the Pure Memeigan page that show just how funny people can be:

Jimmy Hoffa is alive and well in barn 42.

There are some things we'll never know:

My uncle guarded Barn 42 in the 1970's. Lots of stuff he couldn't talk about...

Even the experts are baffled:

Still no word from Dave Mustaine on the barn despite his knowledge of Hangar 18

I guess we'll never know:

The answer to life, the universe, and everything was in barn 42!

What do you really think was in Barn 42? Could it have been the cure for cancer, aliens, or possibly Bigfoot? I guess we'll have to continue to search for answers and maybe some clues will surface once the smoke clears.

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