First question many of you might ask, because of the title and where I am going with this piece is; is Jeff Bezos a left leaner?  Well according to MSNBC, “He’s donated to mostly Democrats”.  So it appears that he definitely leans to the liberal side.

Now that being said the New York Post is reporting that one of the richest people In the world, worth $160 billion dollars gave .0906% of his own wealth to charity.  You heard that right, he gave far less than 1% of his wealth.  As the New York Post stated: “out of $100,000, that would be like spending $90.06 on charity”.  Most people who go to church give more than that.

It get’s worse, the New York Post reported the following:

Over nearly two decades, Jeff Bezos has given paltry donations to the Bezos Family Foundation, a charity that was started by his parents in Washington state in Sept. 2000, state incorporation filings show.

Between 2000 and 2017, Bezos contributed just under $6 million to the group that Jacklyn and Miguel Bezos kickstarted with $20,000.

I have been reporting for years that study after study have shown that people who lean right give far more of a percentage of their income and wealth to charity than people who lean left.  Interesting that the ideology of people who want to give other people’s money away do not want to give their own money away.  I have also seen study’s that say people who lean right also give more of their time volunteering.

Just an interesting look into the actions of people who lean left.

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