This is interesting, apparently a man was caught driving a stolen car because he wanted to go to the store and buy pop.  Great reason to think of for stealing a car, NOT!

The Maui News is reporting that during sentencing phase of his trial the judge suggested he should stop drinking Pepsi.

Why pick on Pepsi?

The man pleaded no contest to unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle and driving without a license.

The judge noted that the defendant told the police his cousin allowed him to drive the car and that he was going to Foodland Kehalani to buy soda.

Second Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo said to the man:

You didn’t want to admit that you actually stole the vehicle…Is it because the soda made you do it?...I’ve heard a lot of people addicted to meth. I’ve heard a lot of people addicted to alcohol. This is the first time I’ve heard of a Coca-Cola addiction. I’m sure the soda didn’t make you steal the vehicle.

Well it actually may have not been a Coca-Cola addiction but a Pepsi addiction.  If you are going to be addicted to something that is bad for you at least it was not alcohol or drugs.

When the defendant was asked by the judge what kind of pop he was addicted to he replied Pepsi.  The judge then asked:

It’s the Pepsi deprivation syndrome

Many of us remember the "affluenza defense" why not a pop addiction defense?

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