I don't know about you but every week that goes by feels like we aren't making much progress in fighting the pandemic.  In fact, some of the statistics are showing that we're going in reverse.  I'm getting to the point that the only way we're going to get out of this is with a vaccine.

The problem is, contrary to some, a vaccine isn't just around the corner.  Sure there have been some positive results in initial testing but like a lot of people I don't know if the first round is going to be effective.  If people think it is and many get it but it doesn't work we'll be worse off because of the false sense of security.

We've chronicled many businesses hard hit by the pandemic and movie theaters were in the "first to close and probably last to open" category.  Now many theater owners are pushing to reopen with the CDC guidelines in place.  Considering what else is open and how many people are taking advantage of that, maybe it can work,

One of those is Kalamazoo 10 and they're joining other theater chains to speed up the process of reopening.  The problem is movie theaters in Southwest Michigan have not been given the green light as have other Michigan region's theaters.

Nevertheless, they've put a plan in place which includes ensuring social distancing by having three open seats between groups, sanitizing seats after each movie, giving customers sanitation wipes, sanitation stations throughout the theater, requiring masks in common places and conducting pre-screenings for employees daily.

The question then remains...Will the public feel safe to go back to the movies or stay at home and watch movies.

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