We are lectured almost daily on not mixing politics and public education, but I now find out the 2017 César E. Chávez March. the largest such march in southwest Michigan, is being organized by the Kalamazoo Central High School Bilingual Club and Kalamazoo César E. Chávez March Committee with support from the Kalamazoo Public Schools and WMU's Division of Multicultural Affairs and Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Western Michigan University issued a press release about the event and their support.

My first question was what do they mean when they say the Kalamazoo Central High School Bilingual Club is organizing the event, is taxpayer education dollars being spent to "organize" this event?  If so should a political event be supported by taxpayer’s education dollars?

My second question was how is WMU supporting them, is it with tax payer dollars and if so, once again the question arises, should a political event be supported by taxpayer’s education dollars?

I have no problem with the rally but these public schools need to decide whether taxpayer dollars should be spent on political rallies let alone any rallies.  We are told daily that there is not enough money in public education yet they appear to be using education dollars on things other than educating our young.

Also what is the significance of this rally?  To me it seems these publicly funded schools wish to dip into the debate around illegal immigration, amnesty and possibly not following Federal immigration law.

Is this really what publicly funded schools should be weighing in on or should they be more concerned about educating our young in reading, writing and arithmetic?

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