A local landmark in the world of racing is up on the selling block, according to the Apex Racing News. However the Speedway strongly denies this is true.

The Kalamazoo Speedway is a 3/8ths mile track built in 1950, on 45 acres alongside Ravine Road, in Alamo Township. The grandstand seats 6000 and offers 43 skybox style seating areas.

On March 6 an article was published to racing website BangShaft.com stating the track was for sale with this headline, Wanna Go Racing: Kalamazoo Speedway In Michigan Is For Sale – 3/8ths Mile Asphalt Oval Fun! The article contains this cryptic line,

We got notified of a cool little track coming up for sale in Michigan

So is the track heading to market soon?

The Kalamazoo Speedway vehemently says no. They posted on Facebook on Sunday, March 10, that

The ONLY thing that is up for sale is a piece of wood about 10 inches wide for you to put your butt on coming up on Friday nights.

We have reached out to the broker listed in the article and have not yet heard a reply.

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