An amazing new development that was announced last year at the crossings of Portage Road and Lake Street is starting to take shape and will be a major addition to the city, especially for mothers with children operating with a lower income or in need of help. The Creamery, a 7,800 square foot multi-purpose building will feature 24-hour childcare along with 48 apartments listed from low- to medium-income families, available for rent starting February 1st, 2021, according to MLive.

The site started out as the Union Brewery, and then with the start of Prohibition, transformed into the Kalamazoo Creamery. It served milk and dairy products, under the "Klover Gold" brand name, though most of the rest of the century before finally being torn down back in 2011. This new development however is going to be huge. There are so many families out there right now with working parents struggling to find the sitters or the money to be able to afford to work and find care for their children, as in school learning is starting to look like a bad idea.

With this new development, parents would be able to literally walk their kids down the hall or downstairs and head to work. More properties like this are going to be making life a lot easier for single-parents/ low income families.15 units inside the structure are being reserved for residents who are extremely cost-burdened ( 50% or more of their paycheck goes to housing). Those units will be available for $440 a month, with utilities included.

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