At the State of the Community luncheon on Monday at the Kool Family Center, city officials pointed to the presidential visit on December 18th as a great honor and shining moment for Battle Creek.  It was a huge undertaking for the community, especially for local law enforcement.   Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins on Tuesday.    The chief says there was an outpouring of support by area law enforcement.  “Over 250 law enforcement were involved in the process.  Clearly, there’s no way we could have done without all of our partners.  In all of the counties around us, many of them jumped in and asked ‘How can we help’?”

As for the public safety cost for Trump event, Chief Blocker says the total is around $50,000.

“Since I’ve been with the city we’ve hosted multiple presidential visits and/or those trying to get elected.  Never have we been compensated for our services before.  That’s just sort of an interesting new thing that has popped up in this political environment.” said Chief Blocker.   “But yes, this was an expensive event, much like many of the special events that we have around the community.  Really, venues are often paid for.  Space is utilized but with public safety support, there’s just an expectation that that’s our role and that’s what we’re going to do.   We did calculate the hours and just for law enforcement, we’re certainly over the $50,000 range.”

Chief Blocker says he even checked with a former city treasurer to see if Battle Creek had ever been reimbursed for costs for these types of events and was told, “No, never.”

Chief Blocker says they accomplished the goal.  “The main focus for us, no matter who visits, is to be great hosts, and our community accomplished it that day.  And it wasn’t just a law enforcement effort.  From Bronson to the Foundations, to many organizations, everyone wanted to see ‘how can we make Battle Creek shine?’.....and we did.”


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