Who would have ever predicted that legalizing weed has increased fast-food sales in the states that marijuana has been legalized.

Bloomberg news is reporting on a new study by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

According to the report 27,500 people responded to the Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis online survey.

Marijuana has been promoted as a way to increase a sick person’s appetite, in order for them to eat more to power their body.  So it would make sense that people who smoke marijuana eat more, but I am going to assume that the people who also promote eating healthier would not be happy about this study.

According to the study:

  • 43% of legal-marijuana users ate at a McDonald’s restaurant in the past four weeks
  • 18% ate at Taco Bell
  • 8% ate at Wendy’s
  • Other restaurant chains that saw higher consumption from marijuana users including Burger King, KFC, Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr.

The study found that the above results were “significantly higher” than among survey respondents who hadn’t visited a dispensary.

I can only assume that fast-food chains will now be very much in favor of legalizing marijuana in all states, do you.

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