Kalamazoo County Government says the glass is half full. Instead of focusing on the negative impacts from COVID-19 and other social challenges, Kalamazoo Government Administrator Tracie Moored and Board Chair Tracy Hall are reflecting on the accomplishments of 2020, in a year dominated by a global health pandemic.

In a press release on Tuesday, Moored said:

“I applaud our public health experts for their tireless work this year to provide sound medical advice to help slow and understand the challenges of COVID-19, including creating an invaluable guide to help businesses re-open safely and allow employers throughout Kalamazoo County to bring employees back to work during a time of extensive change. I also want to thank every Kalamazoo County Government employee for their flexibility during a constantly changing work environment.”

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Amongst a long bulleted list of other achievements, the press release points out that the Kalamazoo County government: received millage support from the community to begin a Kalamazoo County Government Housing Strategy, partnered to create an LGBTQ housing initiative, rejuvenated partnerships with United Airlines, and opened an additional two miles of the Kalamazoo River Trail.

Board Chair Tracy Hall points out that “homelessness is a county-wide challenge that impacts every corner of our community.” Hall thanks residents for supporting the millage to extend and expand the program in November. And in spite of the pandemic, Hall points out that more Kalamazoo County residents made their way outside this year, which paired well with the completion of another two-mile stretch on the Kalamazoo River Trail.

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