Another big box retailer has announced the closing of brick & mortar stores. Lowe's knows some of it's stores are underperforming and has announced plans to shut down 50+ locations; are the Southwest Michigan stores in Kalamazoo, Portage and Battle Creek at risk?

The news is not as grim as it may seem and, thankfully, only 2 Michigan stores will be affected by Lowe's "strategic reassessment" of its properties. The Flint and Burton, MI stores are two of twenty U.S. stores that will close and 31 Canadian locations will be abandoned as the home improvement giant tries to shore up its portfolio to avoid trouble that Sears and other national retailers have been challenged by in recent years.

As a new homeowner, this is great news as the Lowe's in Portage is less than 5 miles away. My house was built in 1972, so it needs a little TLC and, if I'm honest, I have made multiple trips- sometimes in the same day, to get what I need for a project.

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