It's times like these where one little thing can inspire us to remain positive in bleak times. Stephanie Newman and her sister Lisa recently came up with an idea to send a message of love and hope, completing a rainbow igloo in her yard in just 8 days. The igloo, comprised of 450 ice bricks with an arrangement of colors, immediately caught the attention of everyone on the "Rainbows Over Michigan" Facebook page while in progress, as people were requesting finished pictures once the igloo was finished.

Stephanie told WXYZ just how they managed to put it together: “We bought 100 shoe storage containers from Target. We would do 50 at a time, while the other 50 froze.” Once the project was finished she posted the final pictures (SEEN BELOW) and delivered a message of hope and love:

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We have dubbed this igloo the " 2021 Igloos of kindness!" We are encouraging those who come visit or anyone reading to complete one random act of kindness to anyone. Maybe donate a buck to a dog rescue...write a card to a nursing facility. Shovel a neighbors walk. The possibilities are endless and only bound by your imagination. How can we help another person out today? Spread joy and love!

The 2021 Igloo of Kindness in Macomb County, MI

Stephanie has had people reach out to ask for visits and since then, has booked up to 10 people a day to come out and witness the igloo's beauty in person.

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