As the month of April kicks off, there's a great opportunity to explore some local history at two museums in the city of Marshall.

The Marshall Historical Society has announced dates and times for the 2022 season at the Marshall Historical Museum and the Honolulu House Museum. Both museums will open to the public on Saturday, April 2. Hours of operations will be from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekends during the rest of April. In May, the Honolulu House will expand its touring hours to Mondays and Fridays along with the weekend hours.

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Ticket prices for adults is $10 at both museums. Anyone who is a member of the Marshall Historical Society does not have to pay an admission fee. The Honolulu House Museum is located at 107 N. Kalamazoo Ave. in Marshall. The Marshall Historical Museum at GAR Hall is located at 402 E. Michigan Ave. in Marshall.

Here is a little history about both buildings courtesy of information from the Marshall Historical Society's website.



The Marshall Historical Museum at the GAR Hall was originally constructed in 1902 as a meeting place for the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization created for Union veterans of the Civil War. The GAR Hall was obtained by the Marshall Historical Society from the City of Marshall in 1976.

The Honolulu House Museum was built in 1860 for a former diplomat who tried to live here as he had in Honolulu. It was updated by another flamboyant owner in the 1880s to a high Victorian style. The building was saved from possible demolition in the 1950s and then by the early 1960s became a house museum and the Marshall Historical Society's headquarters.

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