I visited the “Cat Room” at the Humane Society on Watkins Road this week. Carly is the senior cat at the Cat Room, and has lived there for most of her three years.   Carly lives with 39 cat foster brothers and sisters, and would love to have a new home.

She recently got Christmas cards from well-wishers all over the globe.

TSM Photo by Tim Collins

Carly is a friendly and gentle girl, with a beautiful black coat.  If you’d like to meet her, stop out to the Humane Society.

TSM Photo

With temperatures in the teens or below zero this week, Jessica Gilbert, Executive Director of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan reminds us to look out for our pets and also for those we see who might be left outdoors.

  • If pets do go outside for any period of time, make sure they have adequate housing and water.
  • Call animal control dispatch if you know of an animal in trouble.   In Calhoun County, call central dispatch 24/7 @269-781-0911 with the address of the animal, and brief summary of your concern. Keep it simple and to the point.
  • Pets can get very dehydrated indoors this time of year, with the furnace running.
  • Make sure outdoor enclosures are appropriate for our weather.  All Species Kinship has some excellent ideas and information on the subject.






Click here to access the adoption application at the Humane Society.

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