They've got a vision of people living in downtown Battle Creek, and they're actually doing it already.   Lakeview graduates Cody and Caitlynn Newman were recently on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show after taking over the property at 15 Carlyle Street in Battle Creek, and are announcing plans for the old factory building across the river from the Battle Creek Math-Science Center.

John Mason/ TSM

The couple were sweethearts at Lakeview, and went off to college before moving back to their hometown.  And, unlike very few people, they are already living right downtown.  They bought the Ratti Building, around the corner from 15 Carlyle, and currently live in an upstairs apartment in the building.  Cody is an architect.   Caitlin is a social worker for Bronson, Battle Creek.

Battle Creek Unlimited (BCU) is deeding the property over to the Newmans, company "269 Restore", and forking over $200,000 to a brewery that will be going into the first floor.   The Newman's told us they can't reveal that identity of the brewer just yet.   They plan to start work on the building soon, putting in a new elevator in the shaft that currently has an old freight elevator.   The second floor will be mixed office space.  The third floor will be made into a space for event hosting.

Caitlynn Newman says the building was built in 1902 by the "Record Printing and Box Company" and made cereal boxes. Later, she says, it was a saddle and harness company, a steel manufacturing company, typewriter company.  After that, local "Officeways" owned by Fred Crandall, operated an office supply and furniture store there, and the building also housed "Rapid Eye Art Supply."  The building will be called "The Record Box".