Just a couple weeks after Battle Creek Unlimited announced that New Holland Brewery would be opening up a brewpub in downtown Battle Creek, they're announcing another brewery that took them up on their offer.

BCU says in a release Tuesday that Restore (269) worked together with them on a plan to renovate the building at 15 Carlyle St, which faces the Battle Creek River. As a result of the plan, the building has now been awarded to Restore (269), and they plan on turning it into a mixed-use facility known as The Record Box.

The building's name is a reference to it's original use, because it was build for the Record Printing and Box Company to manufacture cartons and boxes for breakfast foods.

One of the defining features of The Record Box will be a new startup brewery, which will take up 6,000 square feet on the ground floor. The brewery will be the recipient of a $200,000 incentive to set up shop, the same incentive that New Holland was brought in with as well. It's not known if this brewery will also serve food.

The second floor of the structure will feature office space, while the third will be a multipurpose event space.

Cody and Caitlynn Newman, founders of Restore (269), said that they "wanted to continue this positive momentum and restore another historic building in downtown Battle Creek", after they purchased the Ratti Building on W. Michigan Ave. and turned it into mixed-use space.

Battle Creek Unlimited says that more good news is coming as well; in the release, they described The Record Box announcement as the "second announcement, of three, regarding new developments in downtown Battle Creek."

An open house will be held May 18 from 5 to 9 pm at The Record Box, and the public is invited to attend.

The brewery is expected to open by fall 2019.

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