Well they say all good things shall come to pass and one just did for Michigan’s Congressmen Amash, Republican from Michigan’s 3rd District.  Congressmen Amash was so engaged in answering reporters’ questions in the Speakers Lobby about his opposition to the American Health Care Act that he missed his first vote ever in Congress.

Congressmen Amash’s voting streak ended at 4,289 and he was not happy about it.  It is being reported that he was upset at breaking his streak that he shed a few tears on the floor, but a reporter Haley Byrd tweeted:

Who holds the record now?  Rep. Steve Womack a Republican from Arkansas now has the longest voting streak in the House of Representatives, with 4,294 votes in a row. Congressmen Amash and Womack were both sworn in on the same day back in 2011.

Great run Congressmen Amash, time to start another one.

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