It is being reported by that the Michigan based Meijer grocery chain has agreed to a new 4 year contract with 28,000 of their employee’s which increases all of their pay.

Why has their pay gone up?

It is exactly what I have been informing all my listeners for years, because of the economy in Michigan.

In fact the president of Local 951 of the United Food and Commercial Workers was quoted in the article stating:

It's a very competitive market for workers right now.

What does that exactly mean?  Well it basically means there are more jobs than the amount of people to fill them.  Or at least the amount of people who are willing to work at these positions.  So what happens in that environment, the company has to increase pay to retain employees and attract potential employees.

It is simple economics ladies and gentlemen.  There was no need for a mandate or law from the government, it happened naturally.

The question is what would happen if there was a mandate increasing pay for everyone, well I will be writing another column to inform you of what the Heritage Foundation found in their new research and the accompanying report that was created via the data, concerning mandated pay increases.

The other question is what will the open borders, amnesty for anyone whose feet touches American soil policy of Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party do to wages if she is elected.

Well ladies and gentlemen again it is simple economics, especially at the type of positions offered at Meijer.  More potential employee’s means less pay.  If it works one way, less potential employees - pay increases, it will work the other way, more potential employees - pay will decrease.

It is as simple as that.

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