Getty Images by Fox Photos
Getty Images by Fox Photos

According to a new University of Michigan survey more county and municipal governments are turning to privatization to help save money while maintaining services to their residents and they like it.

  • The survey, conducted by U-M’s Center for Local, State and Urban Policy, found that privatization is more common than you think in Michigan, with 65% of the jurisdictions reporting they outsource one or more services, including 84% of the state’s largest jurisdictions.

What type of services are the outsourcing?  Well they are attorney/legal services, engineering, waste/recycling, property assessing and inspections.

Also as I stated above among communities that outsource services, 73% say they are satisfied with the results.

I am happy to see that these municipalities are doing what appears from the results the right thing to save taxpayers money.  Hopefully more will do so, confident in the results of the municipalities that have gone before them because every penny counts.

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