Don't worry Jim Harbaugh, you're not the only Michigander who cheats (allegedly!). There are some who say if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying, while others hold the mantra that cheaters never prosper.

Who's to say which is the way to go when it comes to games, after all, the world of sports and all things gaming is filled to the brim with participants who look to stretch every rule to reach a maximum advantage.

But, there are multiple types of cheaters, and Michigan is home to them all.

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A recent study from Solitaire Bliss, yes, a gaming website, looked at how often people in each state cheat through all walks of life. Michigan is one of the biggest cheaters out there, ranking #9 across the board.

The study looked at how people cheat when they play games, if they cut corners at work, if they lack a moral compass through life, and, of course, how likely they are to cheat in a relationship. Michigan scored poorly in every category to be recognized as one of the most cheating states in the entire country.

For instance, the study says 43% of Michiganders have cut someone in line while 29% have cheated at the grocery store by not ringing up an item at the self-checkout line and things of the like.

One thing Michigan can get some slack for? Not cheating on diets. Well, 59% of survey respondents admitted to doing so, that was the lowest percentage in the country.

But just as the headline proclaims, no state is worse for relationship cheaters than the Mitten State. Relationship cheating was the most commonly admitted form of cheating in the study with 22% of all respondents admitting to it. Even worse, 53% of those respondents said they felt no remorse whatsoever about it. Michigan alone had 43% of its respondents admitting to cheating on a partner. How rude.

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