Thankfully, the Lansing area missed out on a lot of the snow that hit parts of Michigan on Sunday, April 14th. Some areas in the state actually had some record-breaking snow totals yesterday. According to a Facebook post by the National Weather Service, the snowfall records for April 14th were broken in Muskegon and Grand Rapids. The old record for April 14th for Muskegon was two inches of snow back in 1905. Muskegon was able to set a new daily snowfall yesterday with 6.1 inches of snow.

Grand Rapids had a record daily snowfall for April 14th that 1.6 inches of snow in 2014. They also set a new record for the day yesterday with 4.1 inches of snow. Other towns in Michigan that saw a bunch of snow yesterday include Harrison and Big Rapids who got 8 inches of snow (and maybe a little more after the NWS posted the totals on Facebook).

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