Who is Michigan's richest person? It's Dan Gilbert. Last year he was only worth a mere 7½ billion dollars. In 2021 it was over 50 billion....more than likely, he's worth more now.

So who is Dan Gilbert? Born on January 17, 1962, he's a businessman and investor, but the fast facts below will explain a lot more...

Dan Gilbert Fast Facts:
Bachelor's degree, MSU
Chairman of JACK Entertainment
Chairman/Co-founder of Quicken Loans
Founder, Rock Financial/Ventures
Licensed real estate agent
Owner, Cleveland Cavaliers
Owner, NBA Canton Charge
Owner, NHL Cleveland Monsters
Runs the Rocket Mortgage Field House, Cleveland
State Bar of Michigan member
Teacher of Law

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In 2020 Dan made more than Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & Warren Buffet. During the pandemic, Quicken Loans entered the New York Stock Exchange under the name Rocket Companies, or RTK, holding 79% of the company. The pandemic played a big part in Gilbert's rise in wealth.

Dan's interest in business began when he was a kid. He used to sell candy and pizzas – the pizzas were personally made by Gilbert, right there in his house.

In 2019, Dan suffered a stroke on the right side of his brain, which paralyzed his left side. He was in a crowd watching a light show on the Detroit River when he started to see double. At first he thought his double-vision was caused by the light show, but luckily one of his friends that accompanied him was a doctor and Dan was taken to emergency right away. He is still recovering, but doing nicely.

His headquarters are in Detroit at 1050 Woodward Avenue in the building that was once Kern's Department Store.

Take a look at the photos and video below, and you'll find out more about Dan Gilbert: Michigan's Richest Person.

The Richest Person in Michigan


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